M.C Plastic Limited is a household and industrial plastic manufacturing and distribution company focus on providing values to meet the needs of our stakeholders. The company hasbeen participating in the growth and development of the economy for over a decade.

M.C Plastic Limited was incorporated on the 8th April, 2003 with RC Number 478227. It startedoperation in May 2004 at Sharada Industrial Estate Phase 1, Kano. It has distribution centerspread across most of the major cities in the country.

M.C Plastic Limited is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of plastic products.

We create value for our customers and assist them achieve set business objective and goals.We are specialized business partner with growing and evolving team structure and acumulative experience of over 10 years in the plastic industry.

The company is proud of its commercial expertise, its efficiency and technical skills. We arepleased to have achieved good result by conducting our business with uncompromisingintegrity. We are committed to actively participate in development of our customers,employees, shareholders and community.

The plastic product is for various household products in different colour and we have producevarieties of over 200 items such as buckets,basin, kettles, drums, jerry cans, cups, spoons,bottles, basket etc. The main raw materials are High Desnity Polypropylene (HDPE), Low DensityPolyethlene (LDPE), Propylene Copolymer and Master Batch.

The growing trend within the populace to use plastic products rather than metals productsresulted in high demand and the unfortunate incidence of factory closures due to high cost ofprodcution have further left a vacuum in the industry. It was therefore realized that it will serve auseful purpose to engage in plastic production and that was how M.C Plastic Limited was Borne.We have the installed capacity to produce 15,000 metric ton per annum and the capacityutilization is 80%.


M.C Plastic Limited Core value include Customer's Satisfaction asfirst priority, people Development, Respect for Employee and localculture, Corporate Governance, Customer Care and MarketOrientation together with commitment to be ranked among thenations most effective in terms of Social Responsibility, CorporateGovernance and Quality Standard


"To be the leading plastic Manufacturing and DistributionCompany in the Northern Region, in the process add valueto our stakeholder"


To be the ideal Choice to our Customers

To be the ideal Employer to our staff

To be the ideal venture to our stakeholder

To be the ideal partner to our neighbors and the Authority